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Anna Daniels presents at Scholars' Assembly

21 February 2012 | General Interest

Former student and 1998 College Captain, Miss Anna Daniels, was the guest of honour at the recent Scholars' Assembly that recognized students who excelled academically in Semester 2 of 2011. Miss Daniels, a freelance television presenter, delivered an entertaining presentation of her highlights working in ABC radio and on Channel 10s The Project and on how she has tried to live under two mottos.

As past Rice House member the motto, Fortis Bello - Courage Under Fire, stood her in good stead when interviewing Academy Award winner Russell Crowe after a fellow journalist, became star struck and was unable to go through with the interview. Anna stepped in and despite a nervous rocky start for the young journalist, ploughed on regardless to produce a most memorable award winning piece.

The college’s “Come, live life in all its Fullness” was especially meaningful when working her way through her university degree that took a few turns along the way. Anna graduated with a Journalism degree majoring in Creative Writing after briefly sampling Business, Law and Education.

“I’d encourage you to make decisions based on what you really enjoy doing. Don’t worry too much about what the outcomes of it might be – if you keep following your heart and you’re true to yourself, then things will fall into place," she said.

Anna credited her time at TCC for the skills she developed by taking every opportunity presented to her.
“It was here that I developed my confidence in public speaking through debating and oratory competitions, and here that I got a sense of who I was, what I was good at,” she said.

“When I look at you, I see myself too. I was no more talented or confident or hardworking than any of you here...I had the same fears and insecurities and probably some of the same hopes…so, if there are times you are a bit unsure of yourself, or feel a bit nervous, every time you have a go and put yourself out there, you’re shaping your character into someone you’ll be proud to know in 10 years time,” she said.

Anna presented awards to last year’s seniors who had outstanding academic performances as well as current students who achieved medals of Academic Excellence in Semester 2 2011.

Justin Turner, Dominic Jorgensen and Simon Watkins received the Edith Cowan Medal for achieving the highest level of academic excellence. This year Justin is studying a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Queensland and was recently awarded the UQ Excellence Scholarship.
Dominic has accepted an offer at the University of Queensland to study Arts/Law. He has opted for a dual major in the Arts Degree which will include criminology and political science.
Simon, unable to be at the awards ceremony, is commencing a Bachelor of Engineering Degree majoring in Computer Software at the University of Queensland.

The Cathedral College Medal, which recognizes the achievement of students who reached a very high level of academic excellence in 2011 was awarded to Rhianna Anderson, Colleen Dunne, Meg Bongers, Rachael Conaghan, Lauren Lax, Thomas Reiman and Bridget Tegg. Mrs Katrina Anderson accepted her daughter Rhianna’s award in her absence. Colleen Dunne was unable to attend the TCC ceremony as she was involved with the QUT awards ceremony receiving her QUT Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Scholarship. Her sister Kathleen received on her behalf.
Thomas Madden was awarded the St Joseph Medal for his excellence in vocational education and training.

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