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2019 uniform


  • The correct uniform is to be worn between home and school.  If the students wear the College uniform outside normal school hours, they are expected to wear FULL school uniform including the hat.
  • Girls are to wear ties for the whole school year.  Boys are to wear ties Term 2 and 3 only.  All Year 12 students are to wear the Senior Tie for the whole school year.
  • The College reserves the right to decide on appropriate uniform standards for our community and to interpret these guidelines as neccessary.
  • House Deans have the responsibility for maintaining uniform standards in their House and should be consulted about these matters.
  • Black College Leather Lace-Up shoes (with low heels) are to be worn with the uniform. They are to be kept cleaned and polished. This should occur at home.
  • Students are to wear the College broad-brimmed hat at all times, except when indoors.
  • All items of uniform should clearly named.
  • Girls should note that skirts must be below knee length. Black pantyhose may be worn in Terms II and III and also other formal occasions.
  • Students who take Physical Education will change to that uniform directly before class and must change to the formal uniform after class. This uniform consists of TCC cap, sports shirt, sports shorts (not league/soccer shorts) and joggers.
  • The College uniform represents part of the “corporate” image of the College and must not be worn at inappropriate times. It must not be worn in part outside school and should not be defaced in any way.



* Skirt: skirts must be below the knee 

* College charcoal shorts

*  Blouse

*  College charcoal trousers (only Term 2 and 3)

*  Tie

*  Black leather belt

*  College formal socks

* Shirt

Black pantyhose (not tights) may be worn Term 2 and 3 instead of socks.

*  Tie

*  College formal socks

*  Grey Panama Hat

*  Broad Brim Grey Felt Hat











Black leather College lace-up shoes with low heels must be
cleaned and polished.
These are the only acceptable shoes.

TCC Pullover

Woollen V-Neck pullover purchased from Wearitto Rockhampton (Smart Clothing Centre)

College Blazer


Sports Uniform

Compulsory for all PE students and Year 7,8

Blue College sports shorts
College sports shirt (Physical Education)
House Shirt (Inter-house Sports Days)
White TCC sports socks
Lace-up joggers
College sports cap is to be worn.


School Bag

A TCC school bag is part of the College uniform.


Uniforms & bags may be purchased from Wearitto Rockhampton (Smart Clothing Centre)  located at 87 Denham St, Allenstown.  Ph: 4927 9322      Email: rocky@wearitto.com.au

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.45pm (closed 12 noon to 12.30pm)  
Saturday 9.00am - 11.45am


Physical Education Uniform

Students are to bring their Physical Education clothes to school and change into them at the appropriate time. House shirts are to be worn at all inter-house carnivals throughout the year.



A plain necklace with a small cross may be worn. Girls can wear one set of earrings in the lobe of the ear. Sleepers should be plain silver or gold and no greater than 15mm in diameter.  Circular studs should be silver, gold, white pearl or clear stoned no greater than 8mm in diameter. Coloured stones, beads, flowers, adornments etc. are not permitted.

Any other jewellery worn to school will be confiscated and sanctions may apply.



Hairstyles should be conservative in nature.

As a guide, boys hair should be well above the collar in length, short at the front and ears clearly visible. One or two blade haircuts are not acceptable. Side burns should be kept short. Hair should not be noticeably changed in colour. Facial hair needs to be shaved on a daily basis.

Girls hair that is long should be tied back with white, green or blue hair tie or ribbon, and all styles must be clear of the face with loose hair pinned/tied back (no buns on top). 

It is recommended that the House Dean be consulted about change in hairstyle prior to such changes. Hairstyles that do not comply with our requirements will need to be rectified and students may be asked to stay at home until this has occurred.



Makeup and nail polish (including additions) are not acceptable for students in uniform.  Students in breach of this condition will be asked to rectify this as soon as possible.  Consequences may apply.


The Badge

The College badge and/or House badge may be worn pinned to the tie. Badges may be purchased at the College office.  Only these badges may be worn.



Students who choose to ride must wear a helmet and this replaces the hat during travel. A lock and chain is also required for security of bicycles while at school. Skateboards and Scooters are not considered an appropriate form of transport to and from school.





The Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Rockhampton T/as The Cathedral College - CRICOS Code 00506G