Student Wellbeing

Pastoral Care Groups

As the care and wellbeing of every student is our highest priority at The Cathedral College, we place great value on Pastoral Care.  

Our approach to Pastoral Care is based on our determination to provide an environment where students are encouraged to develop as a person, as a community member, as a learner and as a contributor to society. 

Pastoral Care encompasses all we do in our relationships with the students, staff and parents.  It is the key factor in everything we do - in our relating, teaching, pastoral care time and co-curricular activities.

The basic unit of Pastoral Care at the College is the Pastoral Care Group.  Each group is arranged vertically and has a teacher who remains with that group from one year to the next, creating a consistency and continuation of care.  Each group belongs to one of the six Houses.  Groups meet daily and Houses conduct meetings each fortnight.  There is a strong spirit in each of the Houses built upon belonging and loyalty.  

Year 12s are encouraged to provide leadership in their pastoral care group by showing a special interest in the younger members of their group.

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