The Cathedral College Board is an advisory group that works collaboratively with the Principal and the entire College community to promote and advance the Vision and Values of the College and the Mission of Catholic Education.  Our Board also provides the College with an important link to the wider community.


School/College Boards have a number of key Responsibilities and a comprehensive list of these Responsibilities can be found by visiting the Catholic Education for the Diocese of Rockhampton Website and accessing the link

In addition to being able to read of the Responsibilities that rest with our College Board, you will also learn of the important role of the appointed Regional Board Liaison Officer in assisting Board members to develop their spirituality and to support them in gaining knowledge of Board meeting procedures and an enhanced understanding of the Constitution that informs and guides the work of the Board. The Model Constitution for Catholic Education Boards in the Diocese of Rockhampton can also be accessed at the above mentioned link.

At the heart of the Responsibilities of a School/College Board member, is to assist the Principal in nurturing a strong and visible Catholic Identity for the College. The promotion of the Catholic Ethos of the College is a major focus of the Board and this is done in partnership with our Bishop, our Parish of St Joseph, the Director of Catholic Education, the Catholic Education Office and the entire College community.

A thorough Induction process and ongoing Formation of our College Board members in Catholic Identity and in gaining an informed understanding of the collaborative nature of their work on the Board is critical to the successful and harmonious operation of the Board. Providing appropriate and pertinent Formation opportunities for Board Members is a high priority. To that end, guest presenters may be invited to Meetings to deliver informative and interesting In-Services on a range of relevant topics including Catholic Identity and current Educational issues. These In-Services are designed to assist Board members in their endeavours to support the Principal in providing faith based, value based and educationally excellent leadership of the College community.

Board Meetings are held each month and as with the Parents and Friends Association, parents are encouraged to prayerfully reflect on taking a more active role in the life of our College through exploring possible membership of The Cathedral College Board.

College Board 2022 

Mr Rob Alexander (Principal, ex-officio), Mr Ron Armstrong (AP: Boarding, ex-officio), Sr Margaret Dixon RSM (Appointed Member: Special Religious Character),  Mr Michael Rose (Elected Staff Member), Sergeant Anthony Houston (Elected Parent Member, Chair), Mrs Helen Creed (Elected Parent Member), Mrs Chrissy Arthur (Elected Parent Member), Mrs Penny Farrell (Co-opted Member), Mrs Jacina Walker (Co-opted Member), Mr Michael Kelso (Regional Board Liaison Officer), Ms Gaye Murphy (Minutes Secretary)

Former Chairpersons:

Mrs Jan Daniels 1991-1993 

Mr Terry Barker 1994-1995 

Mr Austin Dobson 1996-1997 

Mrs Vivienne Lentell 1998-2000 

Mrs Leanne O’Donoghue 2001 

Mrs Debra Pearson 2002-2003 

Mr Michael Gorman 2003-2005 

Mr Matthew Johnson 2006-2007 

Mrs Tonya Griffin 2008-2010 

Mr Graham Gross 2011-2013 

Mrs Bridget Bongers 2014-2016 

Mr Martin Crow 2017 – 2021