On Friday we will celebrate TCC Day commencing with a Liturgy in the Mercy Centre.  During the Liturgy we will congratulate long-serving staff who commenced from 2009 – 2011 and have served 10 years or more at TCC.  Thanks and congratulations go to: Mr Rob Alexander, Mr Shane Caird, Mr Chris Lyons, Mrs Kerry Cavanagh, Mrs Sarah Coombs, Mrs Pauline Crow and Mr Aaron Nunn.  We will also congratulate our Spirit of Catholic Education Award winner, Ms Gaye Murphy.



The 8am Thursday Mass is on and this week will be looked after by McAuley House.  Next week Ryan House will look after the Mass on the first Anniversary of Sr Andrina Ryan.



This Saturday night will be Term 3’s Elevate Mass.  Come and celebrate with the parishioners, staff and students who will gather for Mass at 6pm on Saturday.


Prayers and Blessings,

Mrs Claire Stitt (Deputy Principal: Mission)