The Cathedral College realises that to make effective career choices, young people need to develop a realistic understanding of their own competencies; a critical awareness of the full range of work and the diverse opportunities available to them now and in the future; an awareness of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be effective in the broadest range of work-roles; and the capacity to cope with and manage the planned and unplanned transitions associated with each succeeding phase of their careers. 

Students who opt for a vocational pathway through their senior years of schooling, may perform Work Experience, undertake CQ University Courses or make a legal commitment with an employer to complete a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship.  Students are offered support in: 

  • making contact with prospective employers 
  • interview preparation 
  • completion of courses and 
  • time management. 

For interviews and appointments please email 

Students can begin investigating their career options at any time through the following internet links. 

Career One
Job Search
Government Information
My Future