At The Cathedral College, career development begins for Year 10 students in Term 1 with the Communication 2 Careers program and planning for their compulsory work experience placement.

This includes training in relation to workplace health and safety requirements, along with information about workplace confidentiality and personal presentation. Students are encouraged to undertake their 3 days of work experience in the three allocated Work Experience days at the end of Term 2. They can also complete their work experience, if necessary, during any of the school holiday periods. 

During Term 1 and 2 Year 10 students also attend several sessions in relation to the subject offerings at the school. They are also provided with information regarding a wide range of career options including employment, vocational and tertiary pathways. This information then assists them, in Term 3, with their subject selections for Years 11 & 12 and the completion of their Senior Education and Training Plan (SET Plan).