Homework Centre is held in the College Library after school until 4.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons 

Students require their Student ID Card to sign in and sign out.  When a student signs out of Homework Centre, they are no longer under the supervision of Homework Centre staff.   

Students from all year levels are welcome to use Homework Centre to complete homework, work on assignments and to study.   Students will be required to use their quiet “library voice” and to respect the rights of others to learn and study at all times.   

Computer games and computer usage unrelated to study, board games and use of phones for any purpose other than to contact parents/care givers are not permitted.    

Parents/Care givers will be contacted if a student’s behaviour becomes a concern. 

Parents/Care givers who wish to visit Homework Centre to collect their student(s) are requested to call at Reception first, as is mandatory for visitors entering the College grounds.