The Cathedral College Middle School provides a rich and meaningful learning environment for students in Year 7, 8 and 9 characterised by an effective pedagogy developed collaboratively by teachers in response to the Australian Curriculum, the needs of the students and the expectations of parents.  

The Middle School Program strives to provide opportunities for our Year 7, 8 and 9 students to become reflective and self-directed learners through innovative and rigorous curricular and co-curricular experiences within our faith community. 

All students in the Middle School (Year 7-9) are allocated a Core Class and a Core Teacher. Core Teachers work closely with students, other teachers of the Core Classes and parents to ensure the academic needs of the individual student are met during this crucial time in the student’s educational journey. 

To find out more about our Middle School, please watch our Orientation Video Presentation and review our Middle School Handbook.

Middle School Teachers

Assistant Principal – Students (Middle School):  Ms Karen Lester 

Middle Schooling Assistant :  Mr Mark Gabriel 

Year 7 

Mr Scott Robertson  7 Gold 
Mrs Veronica Walters  7 Blue 
Mr Kevin Farr  7 Aqua 
Miss Katie Hipgrave  7 Green 
Mr Dane Stevenson  7 Red 
Mrs Leonie Wanchap  7 Purple 
Mrs Tanya Gill  7 Orange 
Mr Andrew Lamb  7 Silver 

Year 8 

Miss Jacinta Taske  8 Red 
Mrs Leisa Allwood  8 Orange 
Mrs Amy Challacombe  8 Gold 
Mr Justin Griffin  8 Blue  
Mr Mark Gabriel  8 Green 
Mr Trent Benson  8 Aqua 
Miss Karen McCall   8 Purple  
Ms Jacqui Baker  8 Silver 

 Year 9 

Mr Shane Caird  9 Orange 
Miss Bridget Moloney  9 Aqua 
Mr Cameron Wust  9 Green 
Ms Judy Hoch  9 Purple 
Mrs Kelly Lawton  9 Red 
Miss Suzanne Ryan  9 Gold 
Miss Alana Martin  9 Blue 
Mrs Maria Learmonth  9 Silver 


Curriculum Handbook