The Cathedral College is committed to providing quality educational experiences in a safe and supportive learning environment.  Research shows that regular attendance is integral to successful holistic educational outcomes.  It is important that staff, students and parents/care givers have the same understanding of the importance of punctual regular student attendance. 

Regular attendance is important because students: 

  • learn better 
  • make friends 
  • are happier  
  • have a brighter future 

The Cathedral College expects all students to have an attendance of 95-100% throughout the school year. 

What does this mean at TCC?

  1. House Deans review Student Attendance Reports fortnightly and identifies students not meeting attendance expectations. 
  2. House Deans contactstudents and parents/care givers to determine if a valid reason exists. 
  3. If a valid reason is not provided, an intervention plan is put in place.  Absenteeism is monitored weekly from this point. 
  4. If evidence shows no improvement, parents/care givers are required to meet with the House Dean to discuss supportive intervention. 
  5. Further failure to improve attendance will require parents/care givers to meet with Students’ Dean – An Attendance Contract will be put in place. 
  6. Failure to note further definitive improvement will result in the review and possible termination of enrolment. 

Why 95% as a minimum?

Every lesson is important and any time missed due to lateness, absence or early departure quickly adds up. 

A 95% attendance rate equates to 2.5 days absent per term or a day absent every 20 days.  Over a year this equates to 10 days absent from school (2 weeks). Over the course of secondary schooling (6 years), 10 days absent per year equates to 60 days absence overall.  This equates to over one term (3 months) of academic learning missed. 

We believe that two full weeks of absence from school per year is more than reasonable for healthy students and is commensurate to most employment agreements which provide a similar level of paid sick leave.  

What if a student is below 90% attendance?

If a student has an attendance rate of 90%, then this equates to one full day absent from school per fortnight.  Over a year this equates to 20 days absent from school.  This is four weeks of absence from school.  Over the course of secondary school (6 years), 20 days absent per year equates to 120 days absence overall.  This is more than half a year of missed schooling.  



  • attend every class, on time, every day, ready to learn 
  • are absent from school for serious and unavoidable reasons only  
  • provide a note or medical certificate to Pastoral Care Teacher if absent from school 
  • sign in at the Student Counter if late to school 
  • see the respective House Dean before school with a note from parent/care giver explaining circumstances if leaving early (House Dean will issue TCC Student Movement Form ) 
  • ensure all missed work is caught up and completed 


  • ensure their child attends school on every possible school day  
  • provide a satisfactory explanation for all absences on the day of absence and before 10.00am 
  • contact the school if an absence is for an extended period  
  • provide their child with a satisfactory explanation note for absence on return to school 
  • provide a note if their child is required to leave the College early or to explain lateness 


  • monitors student’s attendance daily by recording attendance every lesson 
  • notifies parents/care givers of any unexplained absence via text message daily 
  • notifies parents/care givers of continuing instances of unexplained absence or persistent lateness to school 
  • discusses and offers support to parents/care givers and students with persistent poor school attendance  

Why is punctual attendance so important?

  When a student is absent for… That equates to…  Which adds up to… Over 6 years of schooling…  Over 13 years of schooling… 
Learning missed


10 minutes per day  50 minutes per week  Nearly 1.5 weeks per year  9 weeks 

Nearly 1 Term 

Nearly half a year 
20 minutes per day  1 hour 40 mins per week  Over 2.5 weeks per year  18 weeks 

Nearly half a year 

Nearly 1 year 
Half an hour per day  Half a day per week  4 weeks per year  Nearly two thirds of a year  Nearly 1 and a half years 
I hour per day  1 day per week  8 weeks per year  Nearly 1 year and 1 term  Over 2 and a half years 


More information about attendance please visit Every Day Counts
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