The Cathedral College is committed to providing quality educational experiences in a safesupportive and disciplined learning environment.   

The management of student behaviour at the College is the responsibility of all staff.  Students are called to account for their behaviour in a fair and consistent manner with the intention that they develop their own self-discipline strategies as they mature and grow.  It is important that staff, students and parents have the same understanding of the importance of appropriate student behaviour. 

At the Cathedral College the following conditions are to be respected: 

  • All students have the right to learn 
  • Teachers have the right to teach 
  • Everyone has the right to be safe 

What does this mean at TCC?

In applying consequences for unacceptable student behaviour, the individual circumstances and actions of the student and the needs and rights of the College community will be considered at all times. 

The College uses a range of consequences which include: 

  • lunch time detentions 
  • after school detentions 
  • withdrawal from classes 
  • internal suspensions 
  • external suspensions 
  • termination of enrolment 



  • Be respectful, considerate and polite members of the College community 
  • Attend every class, on time, every day, ready to learn 
  • Cooperate with all members of staff and follow all instructions 
  • Complete all required classwork, homework and assignments 
  • Respect the care for the College, its buildings, equipment and environment 
  • Respect other people’s property 


  • Cooperate with the College to achieve the best outcomes for their child 
  • Contribute positively to behaviour support and consequences that concern their child 
  • Show and active interest in their child’s education and progress 
  • Ensure communication with College staff is supportive, appropriate, respectful and timely 

School Staff: 

  • Ensure timely and relevant communication with parents and guardians 
  • Conduct themselves in a professional, safe and responsible manner 
  • Recognise and respect the rights of others 
  • Implement consequences for unacceptable behaviour 


  • Incidents occurring outside the classroom setting should be referred to the student’s House Dean for further management.  
  • Circumstances that involve misconduct that is dangerous or of a malicious nature would be referred directly to the Students’ Dean or AP Students.  These include: abuse of a teacher, stealing, fighting/assault, damage to property, serious Workplace Health and Safety issues, possession of prohibited/illicit substances, and major safety breaches.   


Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton Policies
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