As the care and wellbeing of every student is our highest priority at The Cathedral College, we place great value on Pastoral Care.   

Our approach to Pastoral Care is to provide an environment where students are encouraged to develop as a person, as a community member, as a learner and as a contributor to society.  

Pastoral Care underpins every relationship between teachers, students and parents. 

Each student belongs to a Pastoral Care group made up of students from Years 7 to 12, and has a teacher who remains with that group from one year to the next, creating a consistency and continuation of care.  Each group belongs to one of the six Houses, coordinated by a House Dean.  Groups meet daily and Houses conduct meetings each fortnight.  There is a strong spirit in each of the Houses built on belonging and loyalty. 

Concerns about a student’s wellbeing may be communicated with the student’s Pastoral Care teacher and/or House Dean by phoning the College or emailing.  Email addresses are located on Parent Lounge. 

Ms Patricia Cumming
Glover House Dean
Mrs Megan Grove
McAuley House Dean
Mr Mark Gabriel
Quinn House Dean
Mr Shane Caird
Rice House Dean
Mrs Leonie Wanchap
Ryan House Dean
Mr Kevin Chopping
Wallace House Dean