The Student Support Services Team provides free confidential counselling and support to all students, parents/care givers wishing to access the service. Students and parents/care givers may self-refer. 

College Counsellors –  Mr Andrew Prince  and Ms Bridget Duffin

At different times students and families may benefit from our counselling service. Counselling is the process that occurs when a student and counsellor set aside time to explore their issues or concerns. 

These concerns may relate to the school, home or community environment. Issues or concerns raised may include grief and loss, anger, self-esteem, relationships, abuse, bullying, health, changes in self, family or school, stress and time management.

The services are voluntary and confidential however, as the student will have appointments 

during the day it is sometimes necessary for teachers to be aware of the counselling. The information shared with the counsellor during the counselling process will remain confidential unless there are safety concerns for the student or someone else, or permission is provided for the sharing of information to occur. Additional information relating to providing consent to attend the counselling service and the limits to confidentiality can be found here for parents and here for students. 

While there is no set limit to number of sessions that can be completed, most school counselling is short term and solution focused. As such, if the counsellor or family feel that ongoing counselling is required, the counsellor can assist in making a referral to an external support agency.

To organise an appointment with Bridget or Andrew parents can contact their House Dean, or email .

Students who wish to self-refer can email the counsellors directly or organise referral through their House Dean.   


Indigenous Education Liaison Officers – Mr Ron Tasker and Miss Carmen Anderson

  • assist Teachers and all College Staff members to help/support/understand the real needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students 
  • help resolve difficulties experienced by students, teachers and parents/care givers of The Cathedral College community 
  • assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students living at our Boarding Houses
  • support students to achieve and complete their studies 
  • encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to participate fully in school life. 

Ron and Carmen support and encourage all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and the wider community to become active members in our Catholic Education life and to “Come, live life in all its fullness.” 


Student Support Officer – Mr Roy Thompson

Provides the following confidential services: 

  • support in everyday school needs 
  • assistance with any of Centrelink payments 
  • designing of study programs 
  • help with time management 
  • Bullying and Harassment prevention through class programs 
  • support and link to Boarding students and parents/care givers 
  • ensuring that each student is helped to fulfil the College Motto ”Come, live life in all its fullness” 
  • is a ‘rock of support’ for students who just need to talk. 

Roy provides a very friendly and confidential environment for students and parents/care givers.  

Appointments can also be made for Andrew, Bridget, Stephanie or Roy by phoning the College on (07) 4999 1300 or by emailing at 


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