Each Catholic School in Queensland has a Parents and Friends’ Association and as a parent or carer of a student enrolled here at The Cathedral College you are a member of our Parents and Friends Association.

You’re invited to attend the P&F Meetings held monthly in the College library. Dates and details are contained in the link below.

The role of the Parents and Friends’ Association has evolved over many years but it has always been and always will be an integral part of the life of the College.

The College and Parents and Friends Association work closely together to determine the best ways to equitably improve the welfare of students. This mutually respectful relationship where communication is key provides very real practical support for each of our students and their education.

Our Parents and Friends’ Association is highly regarded and valued for the vital fundraising role they have played over many years that greatly assisted in the provision of the excellent facilities and resources that help support the educational endeavours of the College.

With the advent of the Parents and Friends’ Levy, fundraising activities are no longer the major focus but our Parents and Friends’ Association continues to make a significant contribution to College life in a number of ways.

The Parents and Friends’ Association plays an important role in improving the welfare of students through organizing activities such as Social events that provide an excellent forum to bring parents together helping them to better know one another and enhancing their sense of belonging and community. The Association also coordinates Pastoral activities to assist members of the College community who may be experiencing loss of a loved one, personal and family illness or some other hardship or difficulty. This compassionate outreach by the Association to those in need or in distress embodies the core values of gratitude, respect and compassion, as lived by Christ, that are at the heart of the College’s Mission.

But perhaps the most important activities that our Parents and Friends’ Association can organize are those relating to broadening the knowledge and awareness of parents with respect to learning and teaching undertaken at the College. This may be facilitated through the holding of Information Sharing Evenings that allow parents to gain an enhanced understanding of the learning and teaching their children are experiencing at the College and of the faith and values based framework that is at the heart of decision making and everyday life at the College.

The Parents and Friends’ Association can also play a key role by inviting parents to come along to an evening where a guest speaker with the relevant experience and expertise can share information and tips that can assist in improving parenting skills.

Teachers, in isolation, cannot provide the best possible, highest quality Catholic education for the children entrusted to their care. For that to be achieved there must be high level engagement with parents and clear meaningful two-way communication between parents and the College. It is only via mutual support and the creation of a genuine partnership with parents that students of The Cathedral College will be best equipped to answer the call “To come live life in all its fullness”               

The College’s Parent and Friends’ Association is an excellent vehicle to promote active and informed parent engagement so that the ideal of a true partnership between parents and the College in the provision of a faith based education for each student becomes a practical reality of everyday life at The Cathedral College

Our Parents and Friends’ Association can also be of great assistance to the College and to providing students with the best possible resources, capital equipment and infrastructure through advocacy with all levels of Government and funding decision makers. The rightful expectations of parents is often best communicated to Government and associated funding bodies through the strong, united voice of our Parents and Friends’ Association representatives positively engaging with these decision makers via passionate and informed advocacy.

For all of the reasons above, parents and others interested in providing the best possible Catholic education for students of our College are encouraged to attend Parents and Friends’ Association meetings or their organized events. In so doing, you will not only gain a greater understanding of the teaching and learning taking place at our College but hopefully you will find it a very positive and rewarding experience that will enhance your sense of belonging to the wonderful, faith filled, spirt filled and caring community that is The Cathedral College.

Parents and Friends Association Meeting are held monthly in the College Library commencing at 5.30pm. Please refer to the College Calendar for the dates of these Parents and Friends Meetings.

To contact our Parents and Friends Association, please email Parents&Friends@tccr.com.au