Grandma is fun and quirky, but I wouldn’t suggest you try and trick her. At 102 years old, she pushes through arthritis and who knows what other ailments to keep an eye on anyone up to no good. No one really knows which side Grandma belongs to, but year 10 students Lily Christensen will be unrecognisable as this intriguing character.

What do you love about your character?

Grandma is one of the more underrated characters. She is so much fun to play,  with her costume and voice making for a great comedic character. Throughout the show she is definitely one of the more eccentric family members. Her love of rats, potions and family is an odd combination that works so well.

Who has been your inspiration to draw upon for the role?

Will I get in trouble for saying Mr Hair? If so then I didn’t say it. But he really helped it getting the voice for the character, and honestly would be an epic old lady.

If I am going to get in trouble this response is better. Honestly no-one really defines this Grandma. No-one comes to mind. She is truly one of a kind, in so many ways.

What is your background in performing – singing, dancing, acting?

I’ve been singing since I was 6 years old, and performing in productions since the age of 8 with RMU. I’ve performed with Gondwana National choirs, SHEP camps etc, and countless musicals and concerts.  I’m currently doing grade 5 singing exams and a grade 6 speech and drama exam. While I am mostly a singer I also play piano and percussion. Performing has been and always will be a massive part of my life.

What do you think people will enjoy about the show?

I think people will definitely enjoy such a refreshingly crazy show. Addams family is a show full of passion, wacky characters and music that gets stuck in your head. I will be surprised if people don’t walk away with a smile.

How have rehearsal been going?

Rehearsal have been amazing! Everyone has put in so much effort to sing, dance and act to the best of their abilities. I’m so thankful to all the teachers, especially Miss Hack, who have put in so much extra time and energy to give us the best possible show.

What has been the best part?

The best part by far has been the run with our band. It is good to see the TCC community show so much passion for this musical and the outcome is nothing but amazing! It’s good to see everyone playing, dancing and singing while having the best time.

Grandma offers something truly unique to this show.  Be sure you catch.  Purchase your tickets by visiting