Meet Pugsley Addams!

No family is complete without the annoying younger sibling. Meet Pugsley Addams. A charming, funny, frumpy boy who loves nothing more than being tormented by his older sister. Jealous of Wednesday’s new boyfriend, Pugsley takes matters into his own hands which makes for an anything but normal family night. Year 10 student Troy Cations brings life to all things hilariously Pugsley.


What do you love about the character Pugsley?

He is very funny and very mischievous which makes him a fun character to play.  Pugsley is quite the brat.


Who did you draw inspiration from?

I watched a few of the Addams Family films and saw how Pugsley was played to work out my character.  I would definitely recommend them.


How have rehearsal been going?

They have been going really well as everybody is working really hard to learn their lines, songs and dances. It makes the rehearsal run smoothly.


What is the best part about rehearsals?

The best part is watching everybody’s progress, from the early beginnings when we stumbled over our lines to now really nailing it.


What is your background in performing?

I enjoyed singing in the choir at Bouldercombe State Primary School and when I came to TCC I had the opportunity to perform in the chorus of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.  I loved the experience. At home, I annoy my family with impressions and I’m pretty good of Kermit the Frog and Gordon Ramsay.  Pugsley seemed a good fit for me as I too have an older sister who I love to annoy.


What do you think people will love about the show?

I think the audience will really love the dance and song numbers, as the cast and chorus are all in sync.


What scene is your favourite?

When my big sister Wednesday is tormenting me.  It’s lots of fun. For some reason we both love it.


What is the highlight of the show for you?

The highlight is when we do a full run through with the costumes, music, lighting and props.  It’s pretty cool.


How will it make people feel?

I think the audience will enjoy the range of emotions and the songs that go with it. One scene there’s a big family argument, and in the next they are cracking jokes. There really is something for everybody.


What have you enjoyed about the show?

I have really enjoyed being part of the show as I would love to be an actor, so it’s given me a great insight to life on the stage.


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