We all have that one crazy aunt or uncle that ensures every family event has everyone rolling on the floor in laughter. Well, nothing is different for the Addams Family, with their very own Uncle Fester. Rotund, childlike, and hugely enthusiastic about love, Fester pursues the help of the Addams Family ancestors to ensure that the family dinner goes according to plan, and love triumphs all!  Will Hutchieson brings to life this vaudevillian as he narrates the audience through the evening.

What do you love about your character?

Fester is such a fun character to play and always has something to fun to say. He also interacts with the audience a bunch which I love.

How have rehearsal been going?

Rehearsals are going great. We have an amazing cast and everyone is having a blast singing, dancing and acting. It’s really a fun time.

What has been the best part?

The best part so far has by far been the songs. There are so many different songs and there’s something for every genre. There’s a love song, a tango, slow songs, fast songs, and it is packed with dance numbers.

What is your background in performing – singing, dancing, acting?

I have always been interested in theatre since I was young. I had parts in some minor roles in some primary school plays and took part in choir when I was younger. However, my first musical was the TCC musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. I had a minor role and loved it.

What do you think people will enjoy about the show?

The musical is one for everyone. It’s family first and family last in the Addams Family. There’s plenty of jokes for people of all ages to enjoy. It’s really a great show and I’m looking forward to it.

What for you is the highlight of the show?

My highlight is the big musical number at the start. The dance is really cool and it sounds amazing!

How will it make people feel?

This musical will make people laugh and pull at their heartstrings as they watch the plot unfold.

To see Will and his fellow cast members perform in this highly entertaining musical spectacular book now at https://www.seeitlive.com.au/Home