The Senior Class of 2020 achieved outstanding success in both ATAR results and engagement in Vocational Education and Training and employment.

Principal Rob Alexander said preparation, planning and hard work were the keys to achieving success.

“Over 30 percent of our 80 students receiving an ATAR achieved a score of 90 or above, equivalent to an OP of 5 or less in the old system.  That’s an increase from 12 percent over the past two years which is a sensational result,”

“Our students were very well prepared and worked hard despite the interruptions to last year’s learning.  Their teachers were also very well prepared and were able to adapt quickly to the challenges,” he said.

Mr Alexander was also impressed with the number of graduates now engaged in Vocational Education and Training and employment.

“Forty five of our 2020 seniors are employed in apprenticeships or traineeships, and close to 50 have secured full time/part-time employment or are attending TAFE or a combination of both.  Six of our graduates have joined the Defence Force,”

“We are very proud of our 2020 graduating class and what they have achieved,” he said.

With the historic year now behind us, Mr Alexander said the lessons of 2020 were invaluable in planning for the year ahead.

“Our educational goals this year are for students to engage in ‘Deep Learning’, with a continued focus on Reading and for our staff the focus will be on Data Analysis.

“We are a community of learners, not only our students but our teachers as well.  Upskilling our teachers in analysing student data allows us to plan for our students’ educational needs accurately and technology will also continue to play an important role in and out of the classroom, with its scope and applications limitless, as discovered last year,”  he said.