Our College strives for excellence in Teaching and Learning helping all students grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

At The Cathedral College we believe our teachers are at the heart of delivering a quality Catholic education. Our teachers are dedicated, enthusiastic, skilled and caring professionals who love teaching and are passionate about fostering in their students a lifelong love of learning.

We seek to continually improve learning outcomes for all our students through in-depth data analysis and professional teacher learning.

In 2018 the College partnered with the University of Melbourne Network of Schools to facilitate collaboration with world class educational professionals focussing on reading to improve student outcomes across all areas.

The College aims to provide learning enrichment opportunities for all our students. High academic achievers are challenged in Extension Programs and the Middle School and Senior School Academies inspire students to set and attain high goals. In addition, skilled teaching professionals and dedicated support staff create learning environments and opportunities that promotes engagement and improved outcomes for the students who face daily learning challenges.

Equitable access to education through technology and well-resourced facilities further affirms academic excellence at the College.

The College introduced a one-to-one laptop program for all students in 2014 and this has proved to be of significant benefit in promoting high quality teaching and learning. A Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence was opened in 2019 thus further enhancing educational advancement opportunities for students at the College.

The College has earned a strong reputation for delivering a broad and inclusive curriculum relevant for our students so they can best contribute to the community when they leave our College and commence the next stage of their life’s journey.

The College offers an enhanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program and is a member of the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy broadening students’ exposure to industry and facilitating invaluable educational experiences.

Through the fostering of relationships with Industry leaders, employers and regional and metropolitan Universities, the College builds community wide connections that create future employment and higher education opportunities for its students.