Our College strives for excellence in Teaching and Learning enabling all our students to realise their full academic potential.

Collaborating with world-class education academics and researchers at the cutting edge of best practice from the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, we have developed highly refined strategies to improve learning outcomes for all students across a broad and inclusive curriculum.

The College has earned a strong reputation for delivering a sophisticated and progressive Curriculum and our gifted, dedicated and professional teachers ignite students’ imagination in well-resourced facilities.

The College offers an enhanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program and is a member of the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy broadening students’ exposure to industry and facilitating invaluable educational experiences.

High academic achievers are challenged in Extension programs and the Middle School and Senior School Academies inspire students to set and attain high goals.

Developing relationships with Industry leaders and employers, regional and ‘sandstone’ universities the College initiates learning incentives for students and creates connections for future employment and higher education.

Caring and generous staff in the College’s Curriculum Support Centre provide valuable assistance to our students who face particular learning challenges.

The College’s careful preparation and detailed planning is ensuring a smooth transition to the new Queensland Certificate of Education, an exciting era in education to benefit all students.