Our College Library is a Centre of Teaching and Learning Excellence, a state-of-the art facility which enhances education and its shared experience between students and teachers.

The high, wide, well-lit architecture casts a light on our carefully curated book collection and engaging learning spaces, creating an ambience and thirst for knowledge and understanding for both teachers and students.

Centre stage is the traditional arrangement of books, each a doorway to exploring and discovering new worlds across a range of genres and a visible expression of the great wealth of accumulated digital knowledge our students and teachers are offered through The Cathedral College’s Online Search Library.

Our Library Staff connect students and staff to current content for both recreational reading and academic studies through audio books, e-books, digital textbooks, video libraries and curated websites across all learning areas to foster enjoyment of reading and success in studies.

Designed for twenty first century teaching and learning the Centre’s innovative and interesting spaces creates opportunity for collaboration and connection to expand thoughts and develop ideas. Each space is equipped with finger-tip technology connecting teachers and students to global thinking via the web.

Media screens, each a portal to understanding, furnish the walls of the multiple learning areas which offer choice and breadth in both teaching and learning styles.

Varying desk design and arrangement, couches and reading corners, enhance the overall educational experience. Small break out rooms for conferencing become engine rooms for deep learning and an impressive, tiered learning area accommodates large groups and affords equitable access facilitating multiple classes, seminars and presentations.

Our Centre of Teaching and Learning Excellence was opened and blessed by Bishop Michael McCarthy in 2019.  It is the centrepiece of the College’s educational facilities to help all students grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom.