‘Boarding life’ adds depth and fullness of life to the College community.

The Cathedral College Boarding provides a welcoming, nurturing and wholesome environment for young people to flourish.

Our Boarders experience a strong sense of belonging in our welcoming, supportive community forging life-long friendships.

Caring, dedicated supervisors support our Boarders at all times to feel at home while nutritious, homestyle meals are prepared by the College’s chefs and caterers.

A disciplined study program allows each student the opportunity to succeed academically.

First class ‘boutique-style’ accommodation designed for twenty first century learners is offered to both boys and girls at separate locations.

Accommodating 83 boys in twin and single rooms, Boys Boarding set the benchmark in excellence in design, technology and liveability when it opened in 2014.

Girls’ Boarding is in Agnes Street at the former Range College. The historic buildings are aesthetically appealing and beautifully refurbished.  Over 100 Girl Boarders enjoy comfortable, modern living with magnificent and unmatched views of Rockhampton.

Boarders enjoy using the many College sporting facilities including the gym, college oval, tennis and basketball courts and pool.

Livestreaming College events connect our families with their child whilst at school and is a powerful tool to temper the tyranny of distance.

The College is privileged to welcome Boarding families from across Queensland and beyond.