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Rockhampton District Sports

Discover more about Rockhampton District Sport including Calendars and Trial information using the links below. 


Before your child can trial for any Rockhampton District Sport, you must first electronically complete the Representative School Sport Permission Details Booklet. Once the booklet has been completed, please email it to


Our Sports Office will then return the signed booklet back to you for your child to take with them to their trials.


Please note, this booklet must be completed separately for each sport your child wishes to trial for. No student will be allowed to trial without the completed Permission booklet being handed in at the trial venue.

Please note, TCC Staff will not be in attendance at this trial to supervise students. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to provide this supervision whilst at the trial. If parents/guardians are unable to remain at the venue for the duration of the trial, it is the College's recommendation that another adult be appointed (by the parents/guardians) to provide supervision.

2024 RDS Calendar

To view the RDS Trial Calendar for 2024, click on the link below. 

2024 RDS Trial Information

To discover more about trial information for each individual sport offered by Rockhampton District Sports, please visit the RDS website via the link below.

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