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Our Boarders enrich College life.  

Our College is blessed to welcome 189 Boarders from across Central Queensland and beyond, as they bring with them their stories and experiences, enlivening and enriching our College community.  Our Boarders experience a strong sense of belonging and throughout their journey with us they forge valuable friendships and memories to last a lifetime.


Offering Boarding for both Boys and Girls the College provides a welcoming, nurturing and wholesome environment for our young people to flourish in separate Boys and Girls Boarding houses.

Boarding becomes a second home for our students and we encourage them to make the most of their experience and all the great things that Boarding school can offer. 

Your sons and daughters will be nurtured and supported through all aspects of Boarding Life. Their wellbeing is at the heart of what we do and our caring and dedicated supervisors and catering staff strive to make it a place like home.

We also recognise the importance of

extra-curricular activities in shaping

well-rounded individuals. Whether it's sport, work, health and fitness, medical appointments or weekend travel to and from home, our staff are there every step of the way. 

Quote Marks

We all come from different places but when we walk through the door, we become like one big family. 

- Hunter, Year 9 Student 

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