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The College's Parent Orbit App is connected to Parent Lounge and offers an easy and convenient way to organise school activities including booking Parent / Teacher interviews, notifying of absences, checking timetables, paying event fees, reading the latest newsletter plus more. 

If you are already using the Parent Orbit App for another school please follow these steps: 

  • Open the App

  • Tap on the school name at the top of the screen

  • Tap on Manage Accounts at the bottom of the screen

  • Click on the button ‘Add another Account’

  • Enter our school code tccr and submit


This will add The Cathedral College’s account to your list in the App.

To download the App to your mobile device you can scan the QR code, click on the Parent Orbit link or visit your App store. 


Click the install button. After the App is installed, The Cathedral College will be loaded in as an account.  Click on The Cathedral College and then tap the login button.

Once you are in the App enter your Username and Password.  Your Username is your Parent Code from Parent Lounge and your password is your Parent Lounge password.  


If you cannot remember your Parent Lounge password click the "Forgot Password" feature in Parent Lounge and follow the prompts to reset your password.  


If you’re having trouble you’re welcome to contact our College office on 4999 1300 for assistance.

Please take the time to explore the App as it offers many useful features. It is very intuitive and will help keep us connected to support the education of your sons and/or daughters.

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