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P&F Association

In Queensland, each Catholic School boasts a dedicated Parents and Friends' Association. As a parent or guardian of a student enrolled at The Cathedral College, you automatically become a member of our Parents and Friends Association.


Our Association's role, steeped in history, has always been integral to the College's life. We collaborate closely with the College Administration to ensure the equitable enhancement of student welfare. This symbiotic relationship, built on mutual respect and open communication, provides tangible, practical support for each student's educational journey.

While our Parents and Friends' Association has a proud history of fundraising, we have now shifted our focus with the introduction of the Parents and Friends' Levy. Nevertheless, our role remains crucial in various aspects of college life. We organise social events to foster a sense of community and belonging among parents, and we coordinate pastoral activities to support those in the college community facing difficulties. Additionally, we strive to broaden parental awareness of the college's educational activities through Information Sharing Evenings and guest speakers, empowering parents with valuable insights into their children's learning experiences.

The quality of Catholic education relies on a genuine partnership between parents and the College. Our Parents and Friends' Association serves as an effective platform to promote active and informed parent engagement, making the aspiration of a true partnership between parents and the college an everyday reality. We also advocate for the college's needs at various levels of government and funding organisations, ensuring students have access to the best resources, capital equipment, and infrastructure. We encourage all parents and individuals passionate about providing the best Catholic education for our students to attend our meetings and events, fostering a deeper understanding of the college's educational initiatives and becoming an integral part of our faith-filled and caring community at The Cathedral College.

Our Parents and Friends Association meet once a term in the College Library, starting at 5.30pm. Please consult the College Calendar for meeting dates. To contact our Parents and Friends Association, please email Parents&

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