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Our Homework Centre operates from 3:00pm until 4:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons in our College Library, providing a dedicated space for students to focus on homework, assignments and studying. 

All students, regardless of their year level, are warmly invited to attend the Homework Centre for a quiet place to concentrate on their studies. The Centre will be supervised by experienced staff members who are able to provide guidance and support, answering questions and offering assistance to help students navigate challenging assessment and homework tasks. 

To make the most of this resource, students simply need their Student ID Card to sign in and out. It is important to note that once a student signs out, they are no longer under the direct supervisor of Homework Centre staff. 

While in Homework Centre, students are encouraged to maintain a quiet "library voice" and to be respectful of others' right to learn and study. Please be aware that activities such as computer games, unrelated computer usage, board games, and non-academic phone use are not permitted during Homework Centre hours. Our goal is to create an environment conducive to academic success. 

We believe in open communication with parents. If there are concerns about a student's progress or behavior, our team will reach out promptly to discuss the situation and collaborate on solutions. 

Parents are welcome to visit the Homework Centre. If you wish to collect your child, we kindly ask that you stop at Reception first, as this is a mandatory step for all visitors entering the College grounds. Your cooperation ensures a safe and secure environment for everyone involved. Thank you for your support in fostering a positive and productive Homework Centre experience for our students. 

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