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Alumni Diaries


Isabelle Shearer

Super Netball Player, Queensland Firebirds


Once a student of our College, Isabelle Shearer, Class of 2020, has not only left her mark within these hallways but has soared to new heights on the netball courts being named in the Queensland Firebirds team for 2024.


This remarkable achievement is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Isabelle, a gifted defender, started her netball journey at the age of seven alongside her twin sister Katelyn. She played club netball with Frenchville, progressing through the ranks from Minis to Junior A1, making her Senior A debut at just 14.


During her time at the College, Isabelle had numerous standout performances in school competitions such as QISSN and the Vicki Wilson Cup, earning her a place on the radar of talent scouts and coaches alike. In 2017, Isabelle was named in the Queensland Schoolgirls under 15 team and from there, she continued to excel, earning selection in state and national under 17 and under 19 squads.


Upon graduating in 2020, Isabelle relocated to Brisbane, where her netball career continued to flourish. In her first 12 months, she become part of the Queensland Sapphires squad at the Australian Netball Championships and in 2023 she was named as a training partner for the Queensland Firebirds. In 2024, she secured herself a Super Netball Contract with the Queensland Firebirds.


Isabelle’s remarkable journey from the school netball courts to the Queensland Firebirds has not gone unnoticed by her former QISSN Coach, Mrs Renee Williams, who played a pivotal role in shaping Isabelle’s early years as a netball player.

Isabelle has always been a standout on the court. From the moment she started playing in our school teams, it was evident that she possessed a rare combination of skill, determination and a genuine love for the game. Watching her grow into the player she is today has been a real privilege.”

Mrs Williams continued, "Her inclusion in the Queensland Firebirds is a testament to the hard work and commitment she has consistently demonstrated. Isabelle's journey is not just about personal achievement; it reflects the values of teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship that we instill in our players. We are immensely proud to see her represent not only our College but now the Firebirds, and we have no doubt that she will continue to make us proud."


Isabelle’s accomplishments extend well beyond the court. As a full-time student, she recently completed her third year of a four-year double Bachelor degree in Behavioural Science and Justice at QUT on a sports scholarship. Juggling academics, part-time work and a burgeoning netball career is no small feat, yet Isabelle manages it with grace and determination.

As part of the alumni community, Isabelle has remained connected to our College and has been seen making an appearance at QISSN carnivals, inspiring our current students to dream big and pursue their passions.


Isabelle's journey from the school courts to the Queensland Firebirds is not just a story of individual achievement but also a credit to the supportive community that has nurtured her talent. As she continues to make her mark on the netball scene, Isabelle remains an inspiration to aspiring athletes within and beyond our College community.

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