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Tertiary Pathways

As we prepare our students to venture into tertiary studies, our comprehensive approach ensures that they are not just academically prepared but also equipped with the skills, knowledge and resources necessary for a successful transition. 

Navigating the Year 11 and 12 QCE and ATAR system can be a crucial aspect to your child's educational journey, influencing their path to tertiary education and beyond. We have compiled the below key documents that delve into the QCE and ATAR system and their relevance to tertiary education. 

You can begin exploring your child's tertiary education options, by accessing the various links below. The journey to discovering your child's future, starts now!

Navigating the myriad of tertiary options can be overwhelming. Our experienced Senior School Coordinators provide personalised support, assisting students in identifying their strengths, interests and career aspirations. Through individualised counselling, we guide them towards selecting the right tertiary path that aligns with their goals. 

Meet our Team

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