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Pastoral Care

At the College, we promote a sense of belonging and a place where all students feel accepted, safe and a part of something special. 

Our approach to Pastoral Care is to provide an environment where our students are encouraged to develop as a person, as a community member, as a learner and as a contributor to society. Pastoral Care underpins every relationship between teachers, students and parents. 

Upon commencing at the College, all students are assigned to one of six Pastoral Houses. These Houses are led by experienced and caring House Deans and include students as well as staff. Our House Deans play an integral role in providing a nurturing and caring environment that allows all students to thrive. They ride all the highs and lows of our students throughout their teenage years and on their journey to adulthood.

Meet Our House Deans.

Being part of a Pastoral House plays a fundamental role in the life of the College. Our students come together in their houses for various events throughout the year including Academics, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and Cultural activities. These events allow our students to develop a strong sense of spirit in each of their Houses, based on pride and participation, leading to healthy competition amongst their peers. 

Within each House, there are several Pastoral Care or PC Groups made up of students from Years 7 to 12 and a PC Teacher that meet daily for 20 minutes. This encourages year levels to interact regularly and build connections that last for the entirety of their time at the College.

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