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At the College we believe that positive relationships are vital to all in our community and we expect that all students are treated with respect and dignity.

Our Mission Statement affirms that The Cathedral College strives to seek excellence in learning, while instilling a spirit of service and Catholic values. The Core Values of this statement calls those in our College Community to challenge those values which erode the dignity of the person. As such, we believe that bullying in any form has no place in such an environment. 

Our students are entitled to enjoy their education free from humiliation, oppression and abuse. Intimidation and violence have no place in our community and will not be accepted under any circumstances.  

We believe that bullying goes against the grain of what makes our College special - an inclusive and caring co-educational environment. 

Bullying affects everyone - not just the bullies and their victims. It also affects other students who may witness violence, intimidation and the distress of the victim. It can damage the atmosphere of the classroom and the climate of our College as a whole. 

  • Assessment + Referral
    As a College, we gather information about our students from a variety of sources including report cards, meetings with parents and staff and discussions with the students. This information is reviewed and then support strategies are developed. Throughout this process, we may conduct diagnostic testing of individuals or groups to assess specific skills (e.g. literacy, numeracy) or conduct general diagnostic interviews to determine the nature of problems at school. If necessary, and in consultation with parents, we may refer a student to our College's Student Support Officers or an outside agency or specialist for further evaluation and testing.
  • Modification of Existing Resources, Assignments + Tests
    Our Curriculum Support Team will work with teachers to modify existing resources, assignments and/or tests to meet the educational level of our students with learning difficulties. We also help with ongoing lesson/unit planning to help our teachers cater for the learning needs of all students in their classrooms.
  • Research + Development of Resources, Assignments + Tests
    Our Curriculum Support Team will research and help to develop new materials to support students with learning difficulties.
  • Examination + Assignment Support
    Some students with specific difficulties may require examination and assignment support to help them succeed. These students attend the College's Curriculum Support Centre and work closely with our support staff to develop their assignment and research skills. Examination support may also be provided and our teacher assistants can help our students understand the examination questions and we may scribe answers if necessary.
  • In-Class Support
    Our Teacher Assistants work with our teachers to support our verified students and those with learning difficulties in may of their classes.
  • Transition Support
    We understand that the transition to high school can be extremely difficult for some and our Curriculum Support Team are closely involved in the transition of Year 6 students into the College for this reason. We work proactively to ensure all incoming students have any special needs identified and addressed so they can feel supported.
  • Verification + Individual Education Plans
    Students with high-level physical, cognitive or emotional issues affecting their learning are generally identified at a primary school level and 'verified' according to the Educational Adjustment Program (EAP) process. However, some students can be identified at a secondary level. These students receive additional funding and support, including an Individual Education Plan (IEP). This plan identifies learning/behavioural goals for that student. Our Curriculum Support Staff act as Case Managers for verified students and meet with their parents, teachers and teacher assistants to review students' progress towards IEP goals.


In addition to the support offered at our College, students and parents can access useful information, resources and assistance from the various organisations listed below. 

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