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Past Student Reflects on Life Lessons at Boarding Dinner

Excited and smartly attired TCC Boarders gathered with special guests at the Mercy Centre on Tuesday evening to attend the Boarders Formal Dinner.


Included among the special guests who attended this very important occasion on the college calendar were Fr Jomon, Fr Samuel, Fr Shaiju, Sr Margaret Dixon, Sr Joanne Molloy, Miss Leesa Jeffcoat (Director of Catholic Education) and Mr Robert Rooney (Guest Speaker).


After welcome and prayer, the Boarders paid special tribute to Miss Jeffcoat who had recently announced that she would be concluding her 23 years as Director of Catholic Education later in the year. Lovely photos featuring Miss Jeffcoat’s many interactions over the years with the college Boarding community were shown. A gift was then presented to Miss Jeffcoat to express the appreciation of Boarders for all that Miss Jeffcoat had contributed to life in the Boarding houses over many years stretching back to when she was Principal of TCC in the late nineties. 


Miss Jeffcoat thanked college Principal, Mr Alexander for his kind invitation to the Boarders Dinner and said that these Dinners was one of her favourite events of the year. She then thanked the Boarders for their lovely affirming words, the beautiful collection of photos that had been shown and for the lovely gift that had been presented to her.


Miss Jeffcoat said she had very fond memories of attending Boarders Dinners and many other events in the life of the TCC Boarding community.  She spoke of her strong commitment to TCC as a Boarding college and said she had been pleased to have always supported requests to improve facilities and resources for the Boarders. Miss Jeffcoat said she was always very conscious of the trust that parents placed in TCC to care for their daughters and sons while they were away from home completing their secondary education.


Guest Speaker Mr Robert Rooney was both a former TCC Boarder and former College Captain. Mr Rooney reflected on his days as a Boarder and how many of the friendships he had forged at that time of his life were still going strong. He also shared with the young women and men his story outlining how he had chosen a career in the legal profession to help and connect with people in his community. This has led to him now bring a Partner in SMR Lawyers based here in Rockhampton.


Mr Rooney also shared with the gathering some important life lessons that were very much appreciated by the Boarders who made a presentation to Mr Rooney thanking him for giving generously of his time to speak with them.


With good food, sparkling conversation, wonderful speakers and thanks to the great work of Mr Busby, Mrs Armstrong, Kelly and their teams, a very special and memorable evening was had by all.        


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