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Student Leadership

At the College we provide many opportunities for our students to experience and model leadership. 

As the leaders of tomorrow, we believe that providing our students with these leadership opportunities from a young age, prepares them for success in their future. Our Leadership program aims to foster essential leadership qualities and skills, teaching our students to be responsible, motivated, confident, accountable, dependable and resilient. 

We have four College Captains who serve as leaders and role models. They inspire and motivate our students to achieve success and be the best person they can be. Our College Captains are supported by College Vice Captains, House Leaders and Boarding Executives.  

Leadership is a responsibility of all Senior Students at the College and we expect them to lead by example and be role models for our younger students. 

We encourage all our leaders to be proactive, have something meaningful to say and to make a difference. 

Our Year 9 students are also offered the opportunity to experience leadership as Middle School Captains and Vice Captains who serve for a semester. These students are given a taste of leadership as they represent their College and peers at various events throughout the year. 

These students gain valuable insight into what it means to be a leader and what it means to represent the voices of their peers. 

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