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Student Support Services

Our College is very proud of our on-site Student Support team who offer personalised care to help individual students navigate life's challenges so they can grow and flourish. 


Our Student Support Team consists of qualified Counsellors, Indigenous Liaison Officers and a Student Support Officer who work together with House Deans within the Pastoral Care team fostering a compassionate, safe and friendly environment that ensures each student is supported. 

All services offered within our Support Office are confidential and are treated with upmost care and respect. 


We understand that sometimes our students may experience difficult times throughout their years at the College. As the care and wellbeing of our students is our upmost priority, we have a dedicated team of College Counsellors who provide a free non-judgmental, confidential and safe place for our students and families to assist in navigating these difficult times.


Our qualified and highly professional team of Counsellors work with our students to ensure they feel empowered and supported to move through whatever issue they may be experiencing in their lives that may be negatively impacting their ability to fully succeed and engage in the classroom. Their objective is to provide students and their families with strategies to assist them in managing their situation, whatever that may be. 

The information shared with our Counsellors during counselling sessions, will remain confidential unless there are safety concerns for the student or someone else, or permission is provided for the sharing of information to occur. 


In addition to our Counselling services, we also have two Indigenous Liaison Officers who work closely with our Indigenous students. They encourage our students to become active members in our Catholic College and live life to the fullest. 

They work closely with our teachers and College staff to assist them to support and understand the needs of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.


Our aim is to support our students with all aspects of College life to ensure they reach their full potential academically, socially, culturally and spiritually, equipping them for their exciting futures. 

Our College also has an onsite Student Support Officer who acts not only to encourage positive engagement and achievement within the classroom but to be an active listener of students and families in need. Their devotion to enhance the wellbeing and learning outcomes of our students is at the forefront of the role and is expressed through assistance with Centrelink payments, student study programs and time management as well as upholding our "strictly no" bullying or harassment prevention programs and providing professional first aid care. 

Whether our students need strength and support through a difficult time or just need a friendly face offering encouragement, our Support Support Officer offers all they can to ensure our students feel seen, heard and supported. 


Our students and families can also access external support through various different agencies, including those listed below. 

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