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Congratulations Bishop Michael

Today we celebrated Bishop Michael’s 10th Anniversary of his Episcopal Ordination at Thursday Morning Mass presided by His Excellency Archbishop Balvo, the Apostolic Nuncio. 

It was wonderful to see so many students and staff at Mass to express their appreciation for Bishop Michael and all he has done for us. 

Following Mass, College Captain Edward Arthur addressed Bishop Michael with these words of thanks while a presentation of gifts was made.

“For the last ten years amidst your very busy schedule as Bishop you have always made time for us, whether it be at significant Masses, badge ceremonies, graduations, or award nights. Your dedication to the entire diocese, including here at TCC, continues to shape and guide the religious lives of every student and staff member, offering us ever-valuable support and direction. Such commitment to the community is no more evident than in your efforts to get know us students personally, a gift not wasted on us as we grow in faith. It is here in this very Cathedral where for ten years now you have offered us countless homilies and blessings, such contributions being one of the key reasons that TCC values this great Cathedral so dearly. Thank you and congratulations Bishop Michael, for ten years of generosity and devotion to the diocese, but especially to The Cathedral College, I hope you realise the tremendous impact you have and I’m sure will continue to have on all of us,” he said.

It was  such a privilege to meet with His Excellency Archbishop Balvo, Pope Francis’ representative to Australia who generously shared his faith and hope in Jesus Christ at the Mass. 


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